The Fallacious Curiosity Argument

by admin

Some supporters of these acts claim that their shock value actually encourages people to investigate the religion. They argue that when non-Muslims and non-Shias view these acts, it raises curiosity within them which then leads them to studying Shia Islam. This line of argumentation cannot be used because it was not in the practice of Ahlulbayt (a) to use such shock tactics to draw people towards the religion.

After viewing blood shedding, only a very small minority of people will actually be prompted to read about Shia Islam with a positive frame of mind rather than being repulsed. Repulsive techniques were never used by the Prophets (s) and Imams (a) to invite people to the religion of God. Instead of using such futile and damaging means, we must put effort into inviting people towards the religion using the most appealing and effective means. In a materialistic and increasingly secular world, few people set out to study a religion and we cannot expect them to do so after viewing scenes that repulse them. The misdeeds and bad behaviour of some religious people has been a major factor in repelling people away from religion altogether, and we should not be under the illusion that another repulsive act will draw them towards it.

A great number of reverts to Shi’ism disapprove of these rituals and state that they give our religion a bad image. The only sorts of people who may be drawn towards Shia Islam because of these rituals would be a minority of people who are attracted to strange and odd practices. Amongst the general human population there are some odd people who may be attracted to blood shedding rituals.