It Repels Potential Reverts

by admin

Many potential reverts to Shia Islam are repelled by the blood shedding rituals. The following statements have been given by a couple of reverts to Shi’ism to show how repulsive these rituals are to potential reverts:

Sister Jennah of the Revert Muslims Association:

In fact a good majority of people are repelled by the extreme act of flogging. At the Revert Muslims Association we receive emails from new Muslims looking for support and resources. Many have reported their concern when they come to us, after viewing, countless images over the Net of barbaric rituals had by some Shi’a Muslims. They are confused and turned off and immediately they worry that Shi’a Islam carries a darker, violent side to it that they had not come across before.

I do not believe the majority are encouraged to read about this practice instead many are put off by it and do not further investigate the truth that is Shi’a Islam. How often do Sunni websites point to the barbaric images, in particular of a mother cutting the head of her infant son, and then accuse us of being insane?

The negative image that flogging gives far out-ways the positives that some claim they feel after taking part in this ritual act.

An article written by the sister on this issue.

Another Shi’i revert:

I will tell you why I am against it (although I don’t disrespect people), BECAUSE IT PREVENTED ME FROM BECOMING SHIA FOR MANY MANY YEARS.

It was only until I found out that some of the greatest scholars of Shia Islam have condemed it.


Those who claim that the rituals are acts of love must understand that they do not have a monopoly over the love of Ahlulbayt (a). By insisting upon performing these acts and insisting that they are a part of Shia Islam they driving people away from the school of the Ahlulbayt (a).